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Many of these telephone sets come in different colours such as grey or black. Ask about these options when you Contact Us.


Nortel T7100

Series T7100 Is designed for occasional use in public areas specifically. It has single-line access and is very basic and perfect for small tasks.






Nortel T7316e

The T7316e is ideal for the high call volume employee that needs to access things quickly. It is a multi-line telephone with a large display which has two rows and 16 character each line. This system is expandable and comes with all kinds of features.



Nortel T7208

The T7208 has an LCD screen and is perfect for a medium call volume private use. Mainly in an office where phone calls are frequent but not constant.






Nortel T7406e

The T7406e is a system ideal for almost anyone in a business setting, such as health-care clinic or retail environments. It has the capability of having more then just one line in a mobile device. It has a wide range so you can move about freely at a far distance without losing your signal.




Nortel M7100

Perfect for areas where the phone is not an often used device such us break rooms or a lobby.






Nortel M7310

This telephone set is great for low usage spaces and fits well in areas where use is occasional.






Nortel M7324

Nortel system M7324 has a capability of accessing up to 22 lines all from one consol. That makes it perfect for a medium call volume business. This system can be expanded though if a company requires more line access. Ask about a Key Lamp Module. This phone system is also functional, it can be used as a speakerphone and doesn’t have to remain on a desktop, it can be wall mounted.


Nortel BCM 400

The Nortel BCM400 telephone system is a fantastic package that delivers small/medium-sized businesses and branch offices with converged voice and data solutions, allowing for a choice of an IP enabled or pure IP strategy. The Nortel Business Communications Manager 400 offers a host of valuable features including IP telephony, unified messaging, call center applications, interactive voice response and many more.


Call Pilot 150

This Nortel Call Pilot is a messaging deliverer system. It allows small or large business to have many different users receiving voice mail, call centre and desktop messaging. There are also advanced applications if you’re looking for something extra like centralized voice mail or networking which is perfect for multi-site business or single location businesses.


Call Pilot 100

10-40 mailbox’s can be used when using the Messaging100. It has many different features and can be connected to a LAN port in order to use advanced features such as Auto Attendant, Customer Call Routing (CCR), Voice Mail, Basic Call Center, Web-based management, and IP connectivity.



Nortel Compact ICS

Nortel Compact ICS, or Nortel Compact Integrated communications system. This is used to have many phone extensions, up to 24 and few lines, about 4 – 8. It has features that you may find useful like voice mail, automated attendant and automatic call distribution.



En Genius Duraphon 4x

The En Genius DuraFon Long Range Industrial Cordless Phone System is perfect for areas that need a lot of distance. This includes car lots, farms, or large truck lots.




En Genius Duraphon 1x

A lot like the Duraphon 4x, it is long range and perfect for all the same locations and purposes.

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