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The perfect fit for every business telephone need. Take a look at these and discover for yourself.


Paging Speaker

This speaker is perfect for those announcements that need to be delivered quickly and clear as possible. It is placed in areas where many phones aren't needed, such as hallways.




Polycom Soundstation 2

Reduce background noise on your conference calls with the Polycom Soundstation. It has amazing microphone capabilities that allow you to be clear and heard without distractions. Interference from other wireless devices, gone. So talk freely with no worries. And it comes with the traditional phone qualities.



Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000

If distance and quality need to go hand in hand with your conference calls, look to the Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000. It produces clear and audible voices for you so that you have the freedom to say whatever you need to. It has a large coverage area which is perfect for a big room where everyone needs to hear your important phone call. Also, you have the convenience of downloading new software straight from your Soundstation.


Polycom Soundstation 2W

Use this soundstation to cover multiple rooms with no interference and no distractions. Be heard and understand clearly with this freedom and no worry system.

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