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Plantronics CS55

With the mobility of a wireless device but the quality of a corded telephone, you can use the CS55 freely and easily. You can move about without worry of interrupting your work process or missing out on anything important. The freedom of a clear phone call without tying up your hands is great for that person who is always on the move and doesn’t always remain in one place to take a phone call on a corded phone.


Plantronics CS70

This Headset is ideal for the on-the-go business person. The CS70’s light weight and clear sound make it one of the best headsets you can use. Its comfortable and easy. You can move up to 300 feet away from your device and still remain on the line, all day, every day. It superior sound quality and low probability interference makes it a must have for someone who is looking for style and functionality.


Plantronics p141

This little number can be used over your head or just on your ear. It gives you versatility and choice all in one. It is a corded headset that allowed you to have you hands free, great for people constantly using both hands.




Plantronics p51

This headset is a lot like the one above. It provides the clarity of a corded phone with the freedom of movement and better yet, free hands!

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